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 A Mercy To The Universe


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The Sealed Nectar

 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

In Dhu’l-Qa’dah, the sixth year after Hijrah, the Muslims left for Makkah with the intention of making the lesser pilgrimage (Umrah). The Muslims had come dressed as pilgrims signifying that they had come in peace. Yet, the Quraish refused the Muslims from entering Makkah.

It was on this occasion that the Prophet (peace be upon him) made a truce with the Quraish at a place called al-Hudaibiyyah, approximately 7 miles from Makkah. The treaty stated that, the Muslims would not be allowed to perform Umrah this year but permission would be given for the following year. The two parties also agreed to abandon war and to live in peace. Even though the terms of the treaty were heavily on the side of the Quraish, this was to be another triumph for Islam.